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I am an Independent Consultant promoting a unique array of wickless candles. Immerse your Senses & Indulge your Soul!

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Lighted Candle

Scents It by Tiff Independent Scentsy Consultant
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Founded in 2004 Scentsy offers wickless candles as safe alternatives to burning traditional wicked candles. Consultants market candle bars, candle bricks, electric warmers, plug-in warmers, room sprays and car candles (air fresheners).  

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— Just a few reasons why wickless candles —

  • I don’t have to worry about leaving the house only to think, “Gasp! Did I remember to blow out the candle?”
  • I can change the scent every day if I want. I don’t have to go through an entire jar candle of one scent.


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Below are just a few of the brands we carry

And Much Much More!

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