Italian Style Restaurants

Italian Style Restaurants

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Italian Style Restaurants as a national cuisine known today has evolved through centuries of social and political changes, with its roots traced back to 4th century BC. Significant change occurred with discovery of the New World which helped shape much of what is known as Italian cuisine today with the introduction of items such as potatoes, tomatoes, bell pepper and maize, which are all central parts of the cuisine but not introduced in scale until the 18th century.

—Crush Italian Cuisine & Lounge—Italian Style Restaurants

Crush Dining Room and Lounge, a restaurant beyond any local experience, offering a unique combination of the traditional and the contemporary. Specializing in traditional Italian Flavors mixed with fresh, local, seasonal ingredients creates a vibrant menu of dishes that embrace the energy and atmosphere of the restaurant. Come enjoy and treat yourself to an unforgettable dining experience.

— Christian Michaels —Italian Style Restaurants

A unique downtown dining experience. Located in downtown Chico, Christian Michaels prepares California Cuisine, Italian, Mediterranean, Asian & other seasonal dishes to temp your palate. Selections include fresh seafood, steak, pasta, salads, desserts, a full bar and an extensive wine selection.

— Sicilian Cafe —Italian Style Restaurants

Award Winning Wine List, Beef & Veal, Chicken, Creekside Patio Dining, Fine Dining In The Tradition Of Southern Italy, Fresh Pastas, Seafood.

Italian Style Restaurants

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