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About Us


Our main objective is to showcase Chico and everything it has to offer. Our website is constantly updated so visitors get the information they need without having to filter through outdated info because our site is always evolving to keep up with new technology and to keep our clients on the leading edge. With a very user friendly format that easily takes the visitor from place to place without a lot of excess sidebar marketing, we offer upscale web design that is aesthetically attractive, which keeps consumers interested and checking back…

We proudly promote our city as well as local businesses to visitors and local patrons....Through our web design we are able to draw a wide variety of interest to one website. What does that mean to Chico Area business owners? Your business will be marketed in its own specific niche, and will be a part of a very large program which covers the beauty of Chico and all the activities that go along with it. So what does this have to do with you and your business?

We will not only help you bring in business directly targeted to you, but also through our outreach programs specifically targeting Chico and the local community market place, we will introduce others who may be interested in your business, but might not otherwise have heard about you.

If you have your own website, you want every potential customer to see it, right? You will have the opportunity to be introduced to a new, broader range of viewers who may not have seen it before through the traffic generated by our categorized directory. This means that your chance of getting more business increases just through our unique format and the chance you have of showcasing your business…..

For you visitors, you get a chance to check out local businesses in the Chico Area who are excited to serve you. Whether you're a local resident, or a traveler checking things out, you will get to experience Chico.






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